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New, renewed, & repaired hybrid batteries

We are Greater Indiana's one-stop shop for hybrid battery replacement & professional installation.

Motorcells™ is an auto repair service specializing in hybrid batteries for many makes & models of hybrid vehicles. We provide whole health vehicle diagnostics, help you select an appropriate type of hybrid battery, and perform professional installation (locally or at your location).

We currently service Greater Indiana – including Indianapolis, IN, Champaign, IL, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH.

Motorcells provide an exceptional warranty for new, renewed, & repaired hybrid batteries.

We accept all major credit cards.

Additional financing may be available through OneMain Financial or Mariner Finance.

Lifetime Warranty

For brand new batteries

At Motorcells™, we aim to provide the most cost-effective way to keep hybrids on the road for as long as possible. We think it would be a terrible shame for these incredibly energy-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles to go out of service just because of an out-of-warranty battery and the replacement cost. Our goal is to keep hybrids on the road for a long, long time, and we have found that selecting the appropriate hybrid battery for your particular vehicle and your goals is the best way to do that. 

For this reason, we offer as many options as we can for hybrid battery replacements: repaired (if practical), renewed, and factory new (if available).

In addition to helping you select the appropriate battery for your make, model, and vehicle year, we also provide over the phone and in-person diagnostics.  We want to make sure you really have a battery problem before you spend money with us. 

Finall, we want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  So we offer convenient installation services at our location near Indianapolis, IN for (local customers) – or at home (mobile) installation for our customers throughout Greater Indiana.   

At every step of the way, we aim to provide you with easy, hassle-free service from the initial call or e-mail all the way through handing you back the keys to your renewed hybrid vehicle.

Please contact us to receive a no-obligation phone consultation and custom price quote. Give us a call, and we’ll do our best to answer right away or call you back within 15 minutes! We want you to have a great experience repairing your hybrid vehicle with us.

And, to remind you why you bought a hybrid in the first place, feel free to check out Savings Calculator or the Climate Clock!

Fast friendly service. Affordable pricing! The Prius is so much happier with the refurbished battery. We highly recommend this company.
Brad Clark
13:29 14 Jun 23
Chad was phenomenal! Would recommend 100x over. Friendly, easy to work with and did an awesome job with my Prius. Went above and beyond. First person I completely trust with my car! Can’t say enough good things
Alexandra Serpe
20:49 15 Jun 20
They came to the car and got the battery and came back and installed a new hybrid battery! Great prices and great people!
Mallory Toon
13:38 21 May 21
Motorcells replaced the hybrid battery pack on-site at my home in June 2022, for our 2004 Prius (175k miles, original owner, original hybrid battery). I thought I'd post my review after having a chance to experience long-term performance under extremes of heat and cold, as both were problems prior to the replacement. The service technician was on-time, courteous, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. The replacement pack has worked without issue, and I've seen no faults or unusual readings in individual cells (using the "Dr. Prius" app). Our son drives the vehicle daily and it sits outside. We appreciate Motorcells bringing new life to our aging Prius!
Christopher Lehmann
20:47 15 Jan 23
My wife and I made two trips to visit with Chad and Tim before the purchase of our vehicle. Both gentlemen were genuine, honest and a pleasure to get to know. There were no high pressure sales tactics, or incessant sales phone calls, which unfortunately we had to deal with some other dealers. It's been about a month since the purchase of my car and I love it.
Michael RoBards
20:23 24 Jun 19
Joe Shaw
21:24 24 Nov 19
emma M
14:00 14 Mar 21
Chat Donnell diagnosed and replaced the faulty hybrid battery of my 2005 Prius with a refurbished battery very quickly and with high quality. He explained all details of the process which was very interesting and helpful. Highly recommended! You save a lot of money as opposed to letting Toyota replace the battery with a new one.
Dirk Tomandl
01:52 26 Mar 21
Chad and Tim were great to work with. Simple and easy to schedule and get the work done and both had a ton of knowledge and information to share. I highly recommend Motorcells.
Aric DeGroot
14:26 30 Jul 21
They are excellent! They refurbished the battery for the cost advertised on the website and that I also verified over the phone once the car was there. I was given and 3 year warranty in writing too. I work in the auto repair industry and this was high quality work with high quality customer service.
Robynn Wilson
12:07 16 Dec 23
Chad and Tim were on point with service, contact info. Have already recommended the service to others. Great experience.
Greg Loeser
10:11 23 Feb 22
Needed a Prius battery repair / replacement. Found these guys through a satisfied customer. Engaged with the owner, got my questions answered, and got a brand new battery installed AT MY HOUSE in all of 3 days! We're back in business and my son will have a car to drive! Thanks Motorcells!
Jason Burk
19:17 23 Aug 23
Chad did a good job and saved us a lot of money. Our Prius is running great after he repaired the battery.
Lynette Quinn
15:26 21 Oct 17
I am so impressed with their knowledge & customer service! They drove to my house to grab my hybrid battery and brought it back and installed it! Went out of their way to give me informed answers regarding my car and even drove around with me to make sure everything is working! Hands down recommend Motorcells!
Crystal Burger
23:06 19 Oct 21
Chad and his services are trustworthy and transparent. He takes the time to list out options, prices, and important, detailed information of the whole battery process. He educates you and makes certain that you understand everything and answers all questions before proceeding. Even most important, he takes the additional time out of his busy schedule to build a relationship and connect. I appreciate the fast but quality worth work... not to mention the grand or two he saved my bank account from 🙂
DCMA beyond
14:01 19 Mar 18
Great experience, straight shooter, on time and did a great professional job 👍👍
Mike Reynolds.
21:45 07 Jun 23
Philip Rowe
17:23 16 Oct 20
They make you feel wise choice.
Steven Briggs
23:05 07 Jul 21
Chad and Tim were great to work with. Simple and easy to schedule and get the work done and both had a ton of knowledge and information to share. I highly recommend Motorcells.
Aric DeGroot
14:26 30 Jul 21
Chad is AWESOME! I highly recommend him and Motorcell for all your hybrid and battery needs. OUTSTANDING service!
Brandon Cooper
21:20 15 Feb 22