Fort Wayne, IN Hybrid Battery Repair

by Motorcells Staff

Serving our Fort Wayne community, our mobile service delivers unparalleled automotive proficiency directly to your doorstep. Experience the ease of having your hybrid battery replaced without leaving your home, a convenience that's as revolutionary as a popcorn machine at a movie theater. Right here in Fort Wayne, where innovation isn't just a tradition—it's a daily practice.
Aerial view of Fort Wayne, IN downtown. This is in the Motorcells hybrid battery repair service area.

We serve
Fort Wayne, IN

Launching in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our at-home hybrid battery repair service, initially started in Indianapolis, is now ready to serve all of Greater Indiana. We aim to make your hybrid vehicle maintenance as simple as making a phone call, ensuring your car keeps up with your lifestyle, whether you’re rushing through a busy day or chilling on the weekend. Choose from our high-efficiency new batteries or our eco-friendly reconditioned ones to keep your ride smooth.

Here’s the deal: Competitive prices, a Lifetime warranty on new batteries, and we come to you to fix your car. Need something special? Our Noblesville, IN, facility is just a call away for any complex issues. Your car will be ready for anything in Fort Wayne, from city drives to park lounges.

We make car care easy so you can enjoy Fort Wayne driving without the headache. Give us a call to discuss your options. We typically recommend brand new batteries if your hybrid has less than 200K miles or renewed batteries if your hybrid has more than 200K miles. We can sometimes offer a cheaper repair option as well. But, ultimately, it’s your decision to make based on your goals with the car! Some people want to drive a hybrid until the wheels fall off, while others are just looking to trade it in for the max value.

And now, for a bit of humor: Why do hybrid owners make terrible comedians? Because they can’t handle the gas! But don’t worry, we’ve got your battery needs covered. Get your car maintenance done with us, and you’ll have more time to explore Northern Indiana and beyond.

And a fun fact: our founder lived in Northern Indiana for many years, before relocating to Indianapolis. He loves a good excuse to drive up to Fort Wayne & South Bend to see old friends. Mention “Donnell Systems” and you just might get a discount. Also, go Fighting Irish!

We offer (up to) three types of hybrid battery replacements in ​Fort Wayne, IN:


Malfunctioning parts of the hybrid battery are replaced or repaired (not available for all makes and models)

*Longevity varies greatly by vehicle


Heavily reconditioned with new cells, proactive replacement of other at-risk components, and extensive testing.

*More than 180K miles


OEM batteries straight from the factory. 100% new hybrid battery. Subject to availability.

*Less than 180K miles

Battery Buyback Protection

If you buy a new or renewed hybrid battery from us, and your car fails for another reason during the warranty period, we will buy back your battery.  This gives you some added peace of mind that your hybrid battery investment won’t necessarily go to waste if your car fails for a different reason.

Official offer will be made after an inspection of the battery. Subject to circumstances of the vehicle’s failure.

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