Bloomington, IN Hybrid Battery Repair

by Motorcells Staff

Proudly servicing the Bloomington, Indiana area, our at-home service brings unparalleled automotive care straight to your doorstep. Discover the convenience of hybrid battery replacement, right at home (in the birthplace of David Lee that's rock 'n roll!)

We serve
Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, Indiana, is not just within our service area; it’s a community we proudly serve with our tailored at-home service (out of Indianapolis), specifically designed for the discerning needs of proud Indiana residents. From the serene trails of Griffy Lake Nature Preserve to the bustling corridors of Kirkwood Avenue, we understand the pulse of Bloomington and the importance of maintaining the rhythm of daily life without interruption. That’s why we offer a unique, highly convenient at-home service that caters to the innovative Hoosier spirit, especially for hybrid vehicle owners. Our expertise in replacing hybrid batteries ensures that your vehicle remains as efficient and reliable as the city itself. Whether you prefer brand-new batteries to keep your hybrid running smoothly or opt for our renewed batteries that combine quality with an eco-friendly twist, we’ve got you covered.

Moreover, our services are not only more affordable than dealership prices but also come with an unbeatable Lifetime warranty, providing Bloomington residents with peace of mind and satisfaction. Although our at-home option covers many makes and models, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Monroe County or plan a visit to the vividly cultural Lotus World Music & Arts Festival without worry, certain specific models might require attention at our Noblesville, IN, location. But, fear not; a simple call will clarify how we can meet your needs, ensuring your vehicle is ready for every picturesque drive through the Indiana University campus or a serene day at Lake Monroe. In Bloomington, where tradition meets innovation, and community warmth meets natural beauty, we’re here to ensure your hybrid is part of the journey, powered by our commitment to quality and convenience. Welcome to a new era of car care, right at home the heart of your city.

Now aren’t you even more glad you bought a hybrid!

We offer (up to) three types of hybrid battery replacements in ​Bloomington, IN:


Malfunctioning parts of the hybrid battery are replaced or repaired (not available for all makes and models)

*Longevity varies greatly by vehicle


Heavily reconditioned with new cells, proactive replacement of other at-risk components, and extensive testing.

*More than 180K miles


OEM batteries straight from the factory. 100% new hybrid battery. Subject to availability.

*Less than 180K miles

Battery Buyback Protection

If you buy a new or renewed hybrid battery from us, and your car fails for another reason during the warranty period, we will buy back your battery.  This gives you some added peace of mind that your hybrid battery investment won’t necessarily go to waste if your car fails for a different reason.

Official offer will be made after an inspection of the battery. Subject to circumstances of the vehicle’s failure.

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