The Motorcells™ Guide to Toyota Prius Battery Problems

Real-world, practical experience with Toyota Prius HV battery issues is paramount when dealing with an aging Prius. Here is some wisdom after renewing thousands of Prius batteries for customers.

Firstly, do any of the following symbols look familiar? Is your mechanic telling you that they are reading a P0A80 code from your Prius?

Dashboard indicator lights for Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle when the HV battery is not working properly.

1) Prius Dashboard Lights & Reduced Performance

Your check engine, VSC, triangle of death, and exclamation mark just came on. Your gas mileage has plummeted. Your Prius has over 100,000 miles and you’re afraid that the problem is your High Voltage (HV) Prius Battery. The big one.

A sense of panic comes over you – because this is the problem you’ve been dreading. Is your Prius’s time up?

First, take a deep breath. Your Prius may very well have a lot more time and miles left before going to the junk yard.

Second, remember that most Prius vehicles drive for 200,000+ miles without any major problems. These are amazing cars.

Now, practically speaking, where do you go from here?

2) Professional Diagnosis

First, it’s very important to accurately diagnose the issue. The Toyota Service Shop is a great place to start – but not the only place. Well-qualified and well-reviewed, reputable hybrid battery repair shops are another option. (ie. You can always give us a call). The key to diagnosis is to make sure that the mechanic has a powerful vehicle scanner that can pick up all of the correct codes. Most repair shop scanners do not pick up the appropriate codes – they only pick up very general-purpose codes (like a P0A80 code) – and diagnosis from these codes can be highly problematic and lead you to spend thousands of dollars without solving the true underlying problems with your vehicle. This is where experience and specialization are key.

Frankly, your local Toyota dealership is the best bet for Prius diagnosis if you’re not in or near the state of Indiana or Chicago where we can properly diagnose the vehicle for you. When requesting a diagnostic from Toyota, you need to request UPFRONT a detailed print-out of the diagnostic codes when they are finished. This should be included in the diagnostic fee at no additional cost. Make sure they hand you the print-out before paying for the diagnostic. You have to fight for your own interests as a consumer. If you are interested in a no-cost diagnosis, you can request a complimentary ODB II code reading from your favorite auto parts store – Autozone or O’Reilly’s, for example – then give us a call and tell us the codes. We can diagnose many issues right over the phone and are happy to talk you through your options.

3) Prius HV Hybrid Battery Repair or Replacement

After a proper diagnosis removes the possibility of a separate underlying issue (like an electrical fault, inverter water pump, or transmission issue), we can now – with confidence – replace your Prius HV battery with a Motorcells™ renewed high voltage (HV) battery. We perform a 10-step renewal process on all of our batteries, which culminates with actual drive time in a test vehicle. We are so confident in our process, that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Prius and Camry hybrid batteries.

The critical aspect for consumers is a proper, honest diagnosis of your Prius. We have heard about far too many people paying for a new Prius battery from the dealership, only to discover that the problem was not, in fact, the HV battery. Please, please, please – when in doubt – give us a call and we’ll give you a second opinion at no cost to you whatsoever.

WARNING: Toyota Service usually gets it right, but we have seen them misdiagnose underlying issues as HV battery issues.  You should call us to get a second opinion – we can give you some insight over the phone after a diagnosis from Toyota.


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Chad and Tim were great to work with. Simple and easy to schedule and get the work done and both had a ton of knowledge and information to share. I highly recommend Motorcells.
Aric DeGroot
14:26 30 Jul 21
Hi Chad! I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that I received on my 2006 Prius. Tim worked quickly, was very knowledgeable, thourough and professional. I'm thrilled to have my Prius up and runnin in no time! I would recomend your services to anyone. Dawn
Dawn Murphy
21:27 15 Apr 19
I owe these guys my complete gratitude. Very responsive and great customer service. They even drove two hours to replace my hybrid battery. Not to mention the great warranty they offered me, as well as saving me from the ridiculous price Toyota quoted me. I will be seeing them again if I have any issues, but hopefully that won't happen. Thanks!
Robert McGaha
19:32 09 Aug 18
The battery light came on in my 2011 Honda CR-Z so I picked up the phone and gave them a call. Chad was very kind in helping me find a path to get my car fixed . He has referred me to get my diagnostics and has offered to continue helping me figure out what the best thing to do for my car in my budget once we have the diagnostic readings.
Angela Wentz
00:54 21 Mar 20
They came to the car and got the battery and came back and installed a new hybrid battery! Great prices and great people!
Mallory Toon
13:38 21 May 21
Chad was phenomenal! Would recommend 100x over. Friendly, easy to work with and did an awesome job with my Prius. Went above and beyond. First person I completely trust with my car! Can’t say enough good things
Alexandra Serpe
20:49 15 Jun 20
Could not recommend this service more! Had my beloved 2006 Prius' hybrid battery die on me and the dealership wanted almost 3x as much as Motorcells charged. Little did I know I would also get ABOVE AND BEYOND customer service. Chad communicated promptly, explained everything so I didn't feel in the dark, leant me a car while mine was being serviced, and had my Prius running better than ever in an hour. Yes, you're getting a refurbished battery instead of a new, but the warranty is the same; it makes total sense for an older car. Highly recommend!
Maura Broderson
15:59 20 Oct 20
Chad provided quick efficient service and is a great guy all around. I felt like I was having my best friend over for a huge favor! Excellent pricing, I saved over 4000 dollars! Vs Toyota’s ridiculous quote!
Sigmund Brewer
00:43 14 Mar 21
Hi Chad! I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that I received on my 2006 Prius. Tim worked quickly, was very knowledgeable, thourough and professional. I'm thrilled to have my Prius up and runnin in no time! I would recomend your services to anyone. Dawn
Dawn Murphy
21:27 15 Apr 19
Melissa Rogers
22:57 30 Aug 19
emma M
14:00 14 Mar 21
They make you feel wise choice.
Steven Briggs
23:05 07 Jul 21
Great and friendly service! Also quick on changing out the battery! Thank you Chad!
Norman Kelly
23:08 30 May 20
I am so impressed with their knowledge & customer service! They drove to my house to grab my hybrid battery and brought it back and installed it! Went out of their way to give me informed answers regarding my car and even drove around with me to make sure everything is working! Hands down recommend Motorcells!
Crystal Burger
23:06 19 Oct 21
Was quick! Delivery and installation in my drive way was more than i thought could be done. Very helpful indeed. Would of been 5 stars but one of my seat bolts needed rechased, the tool needed to do it was forgotten (not an event expected) as a result I now have to drive into Indianapolis to there shop to get it done.#thus4outof5
Tom Derrickson
11:57 09 Jan 19
This shop was able to diagnose a problem that Toyota’s shop was unable to. That itself says a lot.... I’m glad to say that my Prius has been running fine since he came over to check out the hybrid battery and diagnose the problem.
Colly Baird
19:15 21 Oct 17
Was able to get my hybrid battery replaced for 1/4th of the dealer estimate and battery is working great. They also went above and beyond solving a safety problem with my back seat that was discovered in the course of replacing the battery.
Shannon O'Dell
14:02 10 Oct 20
Great experience, great price and great convenience. They got us in quickly and came to us for the battery replacement- for a fraction of the price of a dealer. Highly recommend!
Drew Myers
22:32 12 Aug 21
Fast, friendly. Tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. Local and warrenty is great. Would recommend. Competitive Pricing is better than others for hybrid battery.
Becky Flick
22:23 01 Jun 21
Chad and his services are trustworthy and transparent. He takes the time to list out options, prices, and important, detailed information of the whole battery process. He educates you and makes certain that you understand everything and answers all questions before proceeding. Even most important, he takes the additional time out of his busy schedule to build a relationship and connect. I appreciate the fast but quality worth work... not to mention the grand or two he saved my bank account from 🙂
DCMA beyond
14:01 19 Mar 18

Other Common Prius Maintenance Issues

In Indianapolis, we can handle most Toyota Prius repairs for you – typically at least 30% less than the dealership.

Inverter Water Pump

Gas Gauge Issues (’04-’06 Prius)

Don’t let your Prius run out of gas.  ’04-’06 Priuses can say you have 2-3 bars of gas left, when in fact your on empty.  Not having enough gas causes your HV battery to do all of the work – this runs down the battery and causes HV battery failure.  One simple fix to try is filling the Prius gas tank, jumping the vehicle, and see if it resolves your “battery” problem.

Prius Brakes & Struts

Prius Screen / Monitor Replacement

Cosmetic Damage

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