Dayton, OH Hybrid Battery Repair

by Motorcells Staff

Serving our Dayton neighbors, our mobile service brings unmatched automotive expertise right to where you live. Get your hybrid battery swapped out without stepping outside your door, a convenience that feels as familiar as a Wright Brothers' invention. Right here in Dayton, where innovation isn't just history—it's a way of life.
Dayton, OH at dusk. Dayton is in the Motorcells service area.

We serve
Dayton, OH

In Dayton, Ohio, our top-notch at-home hybrid battery repair service is rolling out from Indianapolis, specifically tailored to cater to both residents and visitors. This service is all about meshing seamlessly with your lifestyle in Dayton, ensuring your hybrid car supports rather than interrupts your plans. Whether you’re gearing up for a hectic day or a relaxing weekend, we’ve got the battery solutions to keep you moving. Opt for our latest batteries for unmatched efficiency or our reconditioned ones for a blend of performance and sustainability.

What sets our Dayton service apart is its competitive pricing and the reassurance of a Lifetime warranty on new batteries. We strive to service a wide array of vehicle models directly at your location to minimize disruptions in your day. For cases requiring special attention, our Noblesville, IN, site is ready to assist, with just a simple call to get things set up. We guarantee your car will be fit for any Dayton adventure, from urban exploration to peaceful park visits.

Dayton’s spirit of innovation and community makes it a perfect fit for our services. We’re all about delivering car care that’s as efficient and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to dive into what Dayton has to offer without worry.

Elevate your car maintenance experience with a service designed around Dayton’s unique rhythm. Leave the work to us, so you can enjoy Dayton’s attractions and hidden gems.

And a fun fact: our founder’s Dad was “Wilbur,” who owned a small town auto dealership and service center long before hybrid vehicles. Drop a mention of Orville and Wilbur, and who knows, there might be a special offer in store for you. Here’s to smooth driving and exploring Dayton’s rich history and vibrant present!

We offer (up to) three types of hybrid battery replacements in ​Dayton, OH:


Malfunctioning parts of the hybrid battery are replaced or repaired (not available for all makes and models)

*Longevity varies greatly by vehicle


Heavily reconditioned with new cells, proactive replacement of other at-risk components, and extensive testing.

*More than 180K miles


OEM batteries straight from the factory. 100% new hybrid battery. Subject to availability.

*Less than 180K miles

Battery Buyback Protection

If you buy a new or renewed hybrid battery from us, and your car fails for another reason during the warranty period, we will buy back your battery.  This gives you some added peace of mind that your hybrid battery investment won’t necessarily go to waste if your car fails for a different reason.

Official offer will be made after an inspection of the battery. Subject to circumstances of the vehicle’s failure.

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