The Motorcells™ Guide to Lexus Hybrid Batteries

UPDATED OCT 20, 2020

Do you own a 10-12 year old Lexus hybrid? Did several of your dashboard indicator lights just come on? Ugh. Well, we knew this was coming. The Lexus hybrid battery typically fails after 10-12 years (specifically, the large high voltage traction battery). The individual battery cells begin losing their ability to hold a charge – and one by one they drop below the required voltage to operate properly. So what are your options and how should you think about this problem?

Lexus hybrid battery dashboard indicator lights - P0A80 error code
Lexus hybrids have High Voltage (HV) batteries that are made up of multiple individual cells that can be repaired or replaced when you get the P0A80 code
Lexus Hybrid High Voltage (HV) batteries are made up of 28+ individual battery cells that be renewed or replaced to extend the life of a battery.

The Problem with Lexus Hybrids

Lexus makes amazing cars that last a very long time. Not only that, a renewed (refurbished) high voltage hybrid battery is likely all you need to drastically extend the life of your CT 200H, HS 250H, GS 450H, etc.

And that’s great news! Because a 10-12 year old Lexus hybrid is still very valuable – usually, $10,000+. As a result, you don’t want to get rid of your car when the only thing it needs is a new battery. BUT, there’s a catch…

Did Lexus just quote you $6,000, $7,000, $8,000+ to replace the hybrid battery?

That’s. A. Bummer.

The issue with Lexus hybrid batteries, just like other Toyota hybrid batteries (Prius, Camry, etc.), is that the cost to replace the hybrid battery often comes close to the value of your vehicle.

And now you’re starting to question whether or not that better gas mileage was worth it.

The Problem with Hybrid Battery Diagnostics (P0A80 Code)

Not all diagnostics are the same – they vary from mechanic to mechanic. First, the dreaded P0A80 code is a generic hybrid battery code that requires further diagnosis. For example, what is causing the hybrid battery to fail? Is it actually the hybrid battery? Usually, yes it is; however, sometimes it can be another underlying issue causing that battery to fail – so if you replace your “bad HV battery,” you’re going to end up with the same problem. It’s very important to rule out underlying issues before deciding to the replace the battery, otherwise a battery replacement could end up being a total waste of money.

Also, even if you do need a new Lexus HV battery after , it does not mean that the best option for your vehicle is to actually replace the hybrid battery. We think it’s important to take into consideration the whole health of the vehicle, it’s current value, and it’s realistic expected lifespan when deciding whether or not you want to invest over a thousand dollars to get it repaired. Otherwise, any hybrid battery repair could – again – end up being a total waste of money. We consistently give honest assessments of the vehicle, the value of the car, and whether or not it’s worth spending money on a repair.

While most dealerships are honest, they also buy and sell cars – and this is a potential conflict of interest. Lexus dealerships tend to undervalue your hybrid when it has a P0A80 code – and it’s a great way to force you to trade it in. It’s much better to sell or trade-in your Lexus with a good hybrid battery and no P0A80 codes. We recommend that you get a second opinion to avoid any scare tactics (and costly mistakes).

a Motorcells mechanic performs a hybrid battery diagnostic on a Lexus hybrid vehicle - the dreaded P0A80 code
The Motorcells™ diagnostic for Lexus hybrids checks for underlying issues that could prevent a successful vehicle renewal, saving you thousands of dollars.

The Motorcells™ Solution

Motorcells™ professionally diagnoses your Lexus from a whole vehicle health perspective, and we can renew (refurbish) your used Lexus hybrid battery extending its life and saving you money. After a mobile installation at your vehicle’s location, we’ll get you back on the road with a straightforward, no-BS warranty – without the hidden fees (we just charge for travel).

We are happy to give you free, over-the-phone advice on your particular Lexus make, model, & year. Please don’t hesitate to call us for a second opinion on your Lexus after an initial diagnosis.

You can also call or send us a note to get an exact quote based on your make, model, and year.

Call now to chat directly with a technician – if you have ODBII codes, please have them handy for an over-the-phone diagnosis. We can diagnose the P0A80 code as well as many others.

We currently renew hybrid batteries (HV) for the following Lexus models:

  • CT 200H Hybrid Battery (HV Traction Battery)
  • HS 250H Hybrid Battery (HV Traction Battery)
  • GS 450H Hybrid Battery (HV Traction Battery)

If you don’t see your make & model, please feel free to call and ask if we’re able to service your Lexus hybrid’s make/model/year. We update our services on a regular basis.

Motorcells™ is located in Indianapolis, IN and our mobile hybrid battery diagnostic & renewal service covers greater Indiana, including Champaign, IL, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH.


Renewed Lexus Battery+ Mobile Installation & Warranty

Renewed Lexus CT 200H Battery
+ Mobile Installation & Warranty

$1195.00* +




Coming SoonNew Lexus Battery

Renewed Lexus HS 250H Battery
+ Mobile Installation & Warranty

$1895.00* +




Renewed Lexus GS 450H Battery+ Mobile Installation & Warranty

Renewed Lexus GS 450H Battery
+ Mobile Installation & Warranty

2495.00* +




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I was calling and and asking for information before I even bought my Hybrid. Chad is great , honest and was very helpful. I really appreciated that he spoke with me even though I had not purchased the Hybrid Truck Yet.
David Hazen
17:46 09 Jan 19
Chad and Tim were great to work with. Simple and easy to schedule and get the work done and both had a ton of knowledge and information to share. I highly recommend Motorcells.
Aric DeGroot
14:26 30 Jul 21
Josh Holtz
22:32 01 Apr 21
Mike Whitaker
17:41 14 Apr 21
Melissa Rogers
22:57 30 Aug 19
This shop was able to diagnose a problem that Toyota’s shop was unable to. That itself says a lot.... I’m glad to say that my Prius has been running fine since he came over to check out the hybrid battery and diagnose the problem.
Colly Baird
19:15 21 Oct 17
Wil Dubree (Wildabeast1)
23:25 01 Mar 21
Fast, friendly. Tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. Local and warrenty is great. Would recommend. Competitive Pricing is better than others for hybrid battery.
Becky Flick
22:23 01 Jun 21
They make you feel wise choice.
Steven Briggs
23:05 07 Jul 21
The dashboard of my wife's 2007 (with 185K miles) lit up with all of the classic signs of "hybrid battery failure." I got a sticker shock when I asked the Toyota dealer the price for a new battery. Then I called and spoke to Chad who was great. He explained the process that he uses to replace any bad cells then recondition the battery. He provided mobile service, picking up the battery the day after I called, returning to his shop, and returning to my home the following day to reinstall my refurbished battery. He also did a road test.Now my wife's Prius is happy again. Also the Engine Display page frequently shows a green, fully charged hybrid battery. I am still on the first tank of gas following the battery repair, but I am also seeing significant improvement in the MPG.Thanks, Chad!
Don Gutt
21:50 05 Aug 20
Fantastic service... On time, very quick repair at a reasonable price with warranty (hopefully will never have to use it). Will recommend to other hybrid owners.
Bradley Sneed
18:47 01 Aug 20
Chad and his services are trustworthy and transparent. He takes the time to list out options, prices, and important, detailed information of the whole battery process. He educates you and makes certain that you understand everything and answers all questions before proceeding. Even most important, he takes the additional time out of his busy schedule to build a relationship and connect. I appreciate the fast but quality worth work... not to mention the grand or two he saved my bank account from 🙂
DCMA beyond
14:01 19 Mar 18
My wife and I made two trips to visit with Chad and Tim before the purchase of our vehicle. Both gentlemen were genuine, honest and a pleasure to get to know. There were no high pressure sales tactics, or incessant sales phone calls, which unfortunately we had to deal with some other dealers. It's been about a month since the purchase of my car and I love it.
Michael RoBards
20:23 24 Jun 19
They came to the car and got the battery and came back and installed a new hybrid battery! Great prices and great people!
Mallory Toon
13:38 21 May 21
After a diagnosis at the Toyota dealership of failed hybrid battery on my 2007 Prius with 140K miles and an estimate of $4500 to replace , I took a week to research options. Found Chad at Hybrid & EV Battery Repair, an Indianapolis area local shop that repaired my hybrid in 24 hours at a huge cost savings of several thousand dollars over replacing with a new battery from Toyota. With an 18 month warranty and GREAT customer service, I am very pleased and recommend CC Motors highly.
Emily Mattler
19:28 21 May 18
I was calling and and asking for information before I even bought my Hybrid. Chad is great , honest and was very helpful. I really appreciated that he spoke with me even though I had not purchased the Hybrid Truck Yet.
David Hazen
17:46 09 Jan 19
Hi Chad!I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that I received on my 2006 Prius. Tim worked quickly, was very knowledgeable, thourough and professional. I'm thrilled to have my Prius up and runnin in no time! I would recomend your services to anyone.Dawn
Dawn Murphy
21:27 15 Apr 19
Fast, friendly. Tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. Local and warrenty is great. Would recommend. Competitive Pricing is better than others for hybrid battery.
Becky Flick
22:23 01 Jun 21
Motorcells replaced the hybrid battery in my Prius about seven weeks ago and it’s running great. The service is super convenient. They came to me and it took less than an hour.
Michael Barnard
04:18 27 Oct 20
17:39 04 Nov 18


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