CT 200h Hybrid Battery
+ Professional Installation

Original price was: $3,253.95.Current price is: $3,099.00.

Please see below for a comparison between new, renewed, and repaired hybrid batteries.  Not all battery types are available for every make/model/year.

Price includes installation at our location near Indianapolis (Noblesville). Mobile service is available throughout Greater Indiana.

About the CT 200h Hybrid Battery

Discover the right solution for your Lexus CT 200h with our comprehensive range of hybrid battery replacements. Our selection caters to every need, offering brand new, professionally renewed, and expertly repaired hybrid batteries to fit your specific requirements. Our professionally installed batteries restore your vehicle to its expected performance and efficiency. Whether your priority is quality, budget, or both, choose from our diverse options and rejuvenate your Lexus CT 200h with unmatched reliability and eco-friendliness. Drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is equipped to get you further down the road.

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About Motorcells Installation

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We offer two options for your convenience: 1) Installation at our location near Indianapolis, IN, and 2) Mobile installation at your location in Greater Indiana.  

Regardless of where you choose to install your hybrid battery, Motorcells will provide professional, courteous, efficient service.  After we install the replacement hybrid battery, we will take it for a test drive and you’ll be good to go!  

Having performed thousands of installations since opening our doors, we are your local Indiana hybrid battery installation experts.

We accept all major credit cards:

Additional financing may be available through OneMain Financial or Mariner Finance.

Comparing Three Types of
Hybrid Battery Replacements


Malfunctioning parts of the hybrid battery are replaced or repaired (not available for all makes and models)

*Longevity varies greatly by vehicle


Heavily reconditioned with new cells, proactive replacement of other at-risk components, and extensive testing.

*More than 180K miles


OEM batteries straight from the factory. 100% new hybrid battery. Subject to availability.

*Less than 180K miles


New hybrid batteries are straight out of the factory (in our case, by the OEM).  Not only are the battery cells new, so is every piece in the battery.  Renewed hybrid batteries are heavily refurbished batteries with many new battery cells and some additional new or repaired parts. For repaired hybrid batteries, we replace faulty battery cells and replace any malfunctioning equipment.  We either repair your existing hybrid battery or, for the sake of speed, install an already repaired hybrid battery in your vehicle.

A new battery will likely last the remaining lifetime of the car (or more), a renewed battery will likely last for at least it’s warranty period, and a repaired battery will last a minimum of its warranty period – and depending on the vehicle – could last up to two years.

Hybrid vehicle owners have different goals with their cars.  Some people want a quick & cheap fix, while others want their car to last a long time.  We offer the three major types of hybrid battery replacement options so that you have a choice when shopping with us.

We currently service the Greater Indiana area.  Specifically, we can perform mobile installations (for some makes/models) in all of Indiana plus neighboring areas like Bloomington, IN, Champaign, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH, & Louisville, KY.  Our physical location is in Noblesville, IN just outside of Indianapolis, IN.

If your battery fails within the warranty period, just send us the diagnostic codes to review.  Assuming the battery is the issue, we will arrange your replacement service. See the warranty page for more information. 

Prices listed on this website include local installation at our Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis) location. Mobile service is available for many makes/models for an additional travel fee.

Prices also include any shipping/handling from the battery manufacturer to our location as well as any return shipping costs of your old battery.

Battery Buyback Protection

If you buy a new or renewed hybrid battery from us, and your car fails for another reason during the warranty period, we will buy back your battery.  This gives you some added peace of mind that your hybrid battery investment won’t necessarily go to waste if your car fails for a different reason.

Official offer will be made after an inspection of the battery. Subject to circumstances of the vehicle’s failure.

Whether you own a low-mileage Lexus CT 200h or one with 200K+ miles, we offer a range of hybrid battery replacements to fit your budget and driving needs.

Our Battery Options:

  • New Batteries (Lifetime Warranty): A popular option to max out the life of your vehicle, new batteries offer excellent performance with a comprehensive warranty. These batteries are straight off the factory floor.
  • Renewed (Refurbished) Batteries (3 Year Warranty): Another great option that extends your battery life, and typically a little cheaper than new batteries. These batteries are refurbished with many new cells and parts.
  • Repaired Batteries (90 Day Warranty): The most budget-friendly option, ideal for those needing a quick fix. This option involves replacing underperforming cells and any other necessary refurbishments to get you back on the road.

Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Battery Specifications:

  • Battery Chemistry: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Dimensions: 34″ x 16″ x 9″ (L x W x H)
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Number of Cells: 28
  • Cell Capacity: 6.5 Ah
  • Weight: 85 lbs

Finding the Perfect Battery:

Our expert team is here to help you choose the most suitable battery for your Lexus CT 200h based on your specific needs and budget. For optimal compatibility, we recommend consulting a qualified technician to verify the exact specifications of your chosen battery.